Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Awards for Latvian solders OIF team 7

From the MND(CS) homepage :
Awards for Latvian solders

On Wednesday 12th April MG Edward Gruszka, MND CS Commanding General awarded Latvian soldiers. They were awarded with Multinational Division Central – South badge, which is given to the soldier after 90 days of their service in MND CS in Iraq. Latvian soldiers are an important part of the MND CS Maneuver Group and perform excellent duty as an escort of convoys and patrols.

Another tour well under way and so far so good .... congratulations for a job well done at the sharp end.

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Consul-At-Arms said...

When you get a chance, would it be possible to see an example of what the MND-CS 90-day award looks like?

Just discovered your web log; as a former MND-CS soldier, I'm enjoying it very much.