Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Latvian soldiers may leave Iraq this summer

Latvian portal DELFI reports that the Latvian National Security Council has decided to effectively withdraw the Latvian infantry company from Iraq this July, as the company that rotates out will not be replaced. Latvia will not leave Iraq entirely, there will still be a staff contingent of some 15 officers.

The drawdown in Iraw will allow increasing the contingent to Afghanistan to some 100 men.

Apparently General Petraeus was in Camp Echo yesterday :
At the end of the patrol, General Petraeus praised General Othoman's leadership and the Soldiers of the 8th Iraqi Army, stating that they are, "shining examples of the new professional Iraqi Army whose combat readiness and disciple are to be noted as another example of an ever-growing professional Army and example for the future."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weekly mortar attack on Diwaniyah, redux 2007

Camp Echo has been subject to a mortar attack on February 13 and direct fire on February 16. No serious harm done, though one hopes the miscreants in the second incident ate some lead from return fire.

Update : There appears to have been another direct fire attack on the camp on the night of February 22-23.(timing uncertain, the Lv MoD post is rather ambiguous). No damage done.

Hmmm, two consecutive attacks on Thursday/Friday night, prior the Muslim holiday.

Heads up next Thursday evening, on the night March 1-2. Normal people would have a couple drinks down the pub before their day off. Bloody Muslims.

Update: March 1- 2 passed without incident. I love being wrong sometimes.

MND (CS) Commemorative Medal

Consul-At-Arms asked for details of the MND-CS 90 day award. This is the "Multinational Division Central-South Commemorative Medal" (Medal pamiatkowy Wielonarodowej Dywizji Centrum-Poludnie), and is a non-official commemorative decoration.
Instituted in the fall of 2003, by the Commander of the Multinational Division Central-South in Iraq. It is awarded to all servicemen and women, as well as to civilians serving with the Division, irrespective of nationality, who have completed 90 days of service in the operational zone. First medals were awarded in January 2004.[link]