Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Latvian soldiers may leave Iraq this summer

Latvian portal DELFI reports that the Latvian National Security Council has decided to effectively withdraw the Latvian infantry company from Iraq this July, as the company that rotates out will not be replaced. Latvia will not leave Iraq entirely, there will still be a staff contingent of some 15 officers.

The drawdown in Iraw will allow increasing the contingent to Afghanistan to some 100 men.

Apparently General Petraeus was in Camp Echo yesterday :
At the end of the patrol, General Petraeus praised General Othoman's leadership and the Soldiers of the 8th Iraqi Army, stating that they are, "shining examples of the new professional Iraqi Army whose combat readiness and disciple are to be noted as another example of an ever-growing professional Army and example for the future."

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I'M WITH JESUS said...

Neocons/pseudoliberals have borrowed so much from the communists. Like the word "peacekeeper." Provoked assault is not defense. G. Wimp Bush was so incredibly obviously behind 9/11 it's just silly to assume otherwise.

America is mystery Babylon: http://deanberryministries.org

Oh, and don't forget, neocons are really just pseudoliberals. That's what the paleocons believe.

Read it for yourself.