Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another righteous (non)bust

Two junior officer face reprimands for burning bodies of killed Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Note that militarily unjustified burning of bodies is a contravention of the Geneva convention, and that a reprimand is something you collect, for instance, turning up to work late.

BUSTED. PUBLICLY. But not really. The woes of political corectness. The need to be seen taking action without actually taking action. Piss-weak really, the generals should have stood up and said "So what?".

Burning muslim bodies is a trifle. We should be feeding every dead mujahideen to the pigs.

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Anonymous said...

Just because they killed 3,000 Americans, 200 Spanish, and 50 Brits you're gonna feed them to the pigs now?
Maybe they have a political point. Say they despise the West for propping up dictators that supply them with the oil while torturing them at home. Maybe they get offended seeing kids being killed by tanks in Palestine. My advice is get the hell out of the Middle East and let people live their own way. Warning! Your GDP will go down and the pigs will get hungry.