Monday, November 14, 2005

Lind's On War #139 - Missing in Action?

William Lind's latest comment On War #139 - C'est la Guerre has yet to appear in any of the usual pages - neither or DefenceWatch have chosen to post it as of yet. Lind's opinions are seldom less than controversial, and in the past even his less relevant musings have been published without delay.

At a guess it's simply too controversial for them, even Defence and the National Interest put a hand-wringing, cringing disclaimer in front of this one.

Now, although Lind sometimes goes off half-cocked, on the balance his predictive power is second-to-none. Some of his "On War" columns on Iraq were little short of prescient at a time when he was one of the very few to sound serious warnings, long before the events occurred.

Furthermore, the column in question is not that controversial, or maybe should not be controversial, the observation that France appears to be in the opening statges of 4th generation warfare, and that France is worth saving, and that France should fight should be no-brainers.

And yet this comment, of all Linds many controversial opinions, is the one they choose NOT to publish. Not good, not good at all.

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