Saturday, November 12, 2005

Parallels with Serbia

It strikes me that France is now in a parallel position to that which Serbia was a decade ago with Kosovo. A muslim minority, breeding quietly but exponentially (and we are talking a terrifying average of 6-8 children / family in the 80's), became a majority. The new majority rose up and demanded power. The Serb government responded by driving the new majority out, and restoring the historical status quo (Kosovo as a Serb province with an Albanian minority).

We (the west, led by Pres Clinton and the US) responded by attacking, then invading Serbia in order to enforce the rights of the new majority.

Fascinating. If France "goes bad" and begins repressing muslim citizens, how are the rest of the west going to respond?

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Anonymous said...

There is this easy solution to high natality - employment. Precisely the thing for which minorities in France (there were some of Portugese descent, too, and many non-Muslim Africans) rioted. I'm not sure if they were aware of a saying by a guy named Jefferson that actually said that it is not only a right but the ultimate duty to rise up against a government that mistreats you.

Clearly, you've been buying into the crap of Belgrade. Slovenians had the solution to Serbia's problem in Kosovo. Build factories they said. See, an urban population doesn't need as many people to work the land. In the city, condoms and abortions are cool. And more energy is spent into education instead.
But in Kosovo, too many sons in a poor family and one of them ended up in Germany, where he bought guns and sent them back to Kosovo. Another one went to university and studied history where he learned about Berlin Conference, London Conference, Paris Conference, Versailles Conference, and Illyrians.

Serbs were afraid of educated Albanians, so it blew into their face with armed and educated Albanians.